Sub-Saharan Africa

See how the Gogo ministry is making an impact in Africa

Gogo Grandmothers is a Sub-Saharan Africa Family Enrichment (SAFE) project which links grandparents and others from developed countries to grandparents caring for orphans in Malawi, thereby addressing one of the outcomes of the HIV/AIDS pandemic within a faith-based context.

As SAFE’s founders, Americans Dick and Charlotte Day immersed themselves in the African culture, they soon realized that the very basic needs of children and their families were incredibly unmet. Due to a dying generation of parents infected with HIV/AIDS, many orphans were left behind with only their gogos (grandparents) to care for them. A village gogo was often caring for three or more orphans. As a result, the Gogo Grandmothers ministry developed and was supported by a USA gogo sponsorship program.