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Sunday, 24. March 2024

Day of Decision

On Palm Sunday, Jesus rode into Jerusalem. It was the start of Holy Week, a week that would leave hi...
Scripture: Luke 19:28-44
Sunday, 17. March 2024

Esther Chapter 8

God is a God of righteous reversals and no matter the person or the circumstance, God can turn thing...
Scripture: Esther 8
Sunday, 10. March 2024

Esther Chapter 7

Are you fearful or fierce? God has placed us where we are for a reason. Join Dr. Marty Baker as he t...
Scripture: Esther 7
Sunday, 3. March 2024

Esther Chapter 6

Sometimes, when everything seems stacked against us, God flips the script and shows us the bigger pi...
Scripture: Esther 6
Sunday, 25. February 2024

Esther Chapter 5

How do you prepare for the moment God has called you to? Join Dr. Marty Baker as he walks us through...
Scripture: Esther 5
Sunday, 11. February 2024

Esther Chapter 4

You are at a's time to be brave...which road will you choose? Join Dr. Marty Baker a...
Scripture: Esther 4
Sunday, 4. February 2024

Esther Chapter 3

Can God take your mess and use it for his plan and purposes? Join Dr. Marty Baker as he walks us thr...
Scripture: Esther 2:19-3:15
Sunday, 21. January 2024

Esther Chapter 2

Often, the story that God is writing features flawed, fallible, and compromised main characters. The...
Scripture: Esther 2
Sunday, 14. January 2024

Esther Chapter 1

We often see the conflict and tension in our world. What we don't always see if how God is setting t...
Scripture: Esther 1:1-22