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The Wild West of Adolescent Parenting

In the wild west of adolescent parenting, many people face this new frontier fraught with fears and anxieties. The parents’ mature brain has a negative bias towards the environment around it. This strategy scans for danger. And whether dangers are real or imagined, we naturally work to preserve ourselves and our young. Experts like Daniel

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The Neurobiology of Trauma

The word “trauma” is often thrown around in the media and has become a common topic of discussion in our society. But what is psychological trauma? The American Psychological Association defines trauma as an emotional response to a distressing event. In the United States, rates of trauma exposure are estimated to be high. Approximately 70% of

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How Do We Integrate Faith With Psychology?

What do you think of when you hear the phrase “Christian” counseling? We hear so many people say they want Christian counseling, but what exactly do they mean? The quick answer is that it depends on your theology. If we look at counseling on a continuum, on one end is secular psychology, which uses science and

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How Do I Respond and Not React?

There are many situations in which we react to situations and people instead of responding to them? For example, if your teenager comes to you and tells you they crashed your brand-new car and totaled it, would you react or would you be able to respond? If you get to work and you see someone

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Helping Children Heal Through Play Therapy

Children experiencing emotional distress often do not have the ability to verbally express their emotions. Play therapy is a powerful way for children to find healing. I’m sure we’ve all witnessed a preschooler throwing a temper tantrum. It may be easy to dismiss that child as spoiled. More than likely the child is experiencing several

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Do you suffer from Illness Anxiety Disorder?

If you think you may suffer from Illness Anxiety disorder, consider the following scenario. You are at the gym, getting a good sweat session in. As you run at a faster pace on the treadmill, you begin to feel a minor tenderness in your lower abdomen. The spiraling of thoughts flood your conscious mind: “Was it that

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Coping With Seasonal Depression

Ten million Americans struggle with seasonal depression. As actor Stewart Stafford said “January is the calendar’s ingrown hair.” Winter can be a very difficult time of year for people, especially in areas that have a lot of snow and cold temperatures. January seems to be an especially difficult month after the ups and downs from

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