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Parking Update from Pastor Marty

Dear Worshipper:        

As you can see, the Lord continues to bless Burke Community Church with spiritual and numerical growth. We are certainly thankful for God’s movement among us, but it also stretches and challenges us.

One area we need to re-think in order to accommodate our numbers of worshippers on a given Sunday concerns parking. This last Sunday, we had so many in the second worship service our parking lot team had to turn away sixteen cars because no parking spaces were available for them. That is unfortunate and we need to all commit to doing our part in making sure there is ample room for everyone.

What do we propose? Two things.

One, we need more of our faithful worshippers to commit to riding our great shuttle buses. The shuttle lot has over two-hundred empty spaces on Sunday and it is open for our use. It is located on Old Keene Mill Road due east of the Rolling Valley Mall at the Park ‘N Ride. Shuttles run from 8:00 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. on Sundays, and wait times for pick-ups on either end are typically around ten minutes. You are conveniently dropped off just outside the north entrance of our church by the Student Center. Drivers will wait for you here after worship to shuttle you back to your car. It all couldn’t be simpler . . . and will be most helpful as we seek to provide ample parking spaces for all the new worshippers. So, could you help us help others?

Two, we need more of our faithful worshippers to commit to attending the first service. It is well-attended, but it is not as packed as the second service. By coming to this service, you will open up additional parking for new attendees. So, I ask again, could you help us help others?

Easter is upon us as we joyfully consider our Lord’s death and glorious resurrection. This is also a time when our numbers grow even more radically; hence, we need to prepare now for the influx by prayerfully considering how observance of the two suggestions I’ve presented will make a huge impact on future worshippers.

Thanks for being an active part of what the Spirit of God is doing to change lives for eternity at this local, Bible-teaching/believing, gospel-loving church. Thank you for your selfless service and sacrifice as we make room for others at Burke Community Church.


Pastor Marty Baker