Author: Jessica

Jessica is an Intern in Counseling and is currently pursuing her MA in Marriage, Couple & Family Counseling from Regent University. Jessica uses a variety of evidenced based practices with an emphasis on Emotion Focused Therapy and healing attachment for individuals, couples, and families.
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Ready for Change?

People arrive in counseling for many different reasons but typically all seek the same thing: relief. Relief from painful emotions, relationship difficulties, parenting concerns, or any other number of factors. But did you know that the speed of the counseling process moves more quickly or slowly depending on your stage of change? The formal concept

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The Wild West of Adolescent Parenting

In the wild west of adolescent parenting, many people face this new frontier fraught with fears and anxieties. The parents’ mature brain has a negative bias towards the environment around it. This strategy scans for danger. And whether dangers are real or imagined, we naturally work to preserve ourselves and our young. Experts like Daniel

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